Coach B

Coach B and Heather at an Olympic Weightlifting Cert

Coach B is one of the most dedicated, selfless, passionate and talented coaches I have ever known. Last week the main site posted a video of Nicole explaining visual perspicacity. This is Coach Burgener's genius. He is able to look at any athlete's olympic lift and explain exactly what they need to do with their body to make improvements. Experiencing his coaching first hand is a CrossFit distinction. When it comes to Olympic weightlifting, Coach Burgener is the best of the best.

CFSC is excited to announce the Ultimate CrossFit Weekend on November 8th and 9th, 2008! Spend a day with Coach Burgener as your coach on Saturday. He will focus on the clean and jerk and snatch technique. This seminar is more advanced than the basic Burgener Seminar. Among other things, athletes must be able to perform the Burgener Warmup and Skill Transfer without cues in order to be eligible for participation.

And then come back on Sunday for a day with Kelly Starrett to learn about basic anatomy as it relates to CrossFit movements. Learn how to assess and prevent acute injuries from the expert. His knowledge is invaluable for anyone who trains on the 'edge' where intensity and determination flirt with injury. Learn how to take care of your body while pushing it to its limits.

74 Burpees (yeah burpees!) for time
This is a treat for anyone still going strong in the burpee (yeah burpees!) challenge.
Chime in if you're still in!

Burpee (yeah burpees!) challenge: 74 burpees (yeah burpees!)