K Star

Kelly holding three wheels.

The CrossFit community is filled with talented and gifted athletes. It is also filled with humble, honest, sincere caring people that are willing to give of themselves more than the average person. When I think of leaders in our community, Kelly Starrett comes to mind. He is the single most generous individual I have ever met, not only generous with his time and knowledge but generous with his heart.

CrossFit Santa Cruz is honored to host Kelly Starrett for a day. It will be a full day of explanations and demos of basic anatomy as it relates to CrossFit movements, a hands on approach to better movement. He will also teach
how to assess and prevent acute injuries.

If you are interested in attending please send emails to hollismolloy@gmail.com for price and availability.
5 rounds of
400 meter run
25 burpees
Burpee Challenge: 73 burpees today