Split Decision

Carie splits her jerk

Yesterday we talked about feet and hand positioning. The split jerk demands fast feet and fast hands. Olympic style weightlifters train the split to increase there maximum load. That usually alway involves training the same foot forward. Should we as CrossFit athletes do the same? Maybe, or maybe we should train either foot forward. While working our jerks a few days ago, Pat and myself noticed that we both seemed faster and more stable with our weak foot forward. Why do you think this is?

21 Push jerk
21 Hip Extension
30 Lunge
30 Squat
10 Push Jerk
5 Split Jerk
15 Back Extension
30 Lunge
30 Squat
9 Split Jerk
9 Snakey back extensions
30 Lunge
30 Squat
Burpee Challenge: 61 burpees today