Momentum and Elevation

Jonji and Olivia in the middle of a high pull.

"When the arms bend the power ends" is recited over and over again when we refer the the Olympic lifts. To paraphrase Coach Burgener "We want to jump the barbell through a range of motion, creating momentum and elevation on the barbell. The arms are like ropes." This idea of creating momentum and elevation can serve us well when doing a Sumo Deadlift High Pull. We want a relay race of contraction starting with a powerful extension of the legs and hip followed by a violent shrug of the shoulders and then a strong pull of the arms. In the photo above we can see that both athletes have extended their legs and hips, creating momentum and elevation on the kettle bell and now, firmly pressed into the ground, they are pulling the kettle bell up.

Workout: Originally by Ronnie of CFNSC
5 rounds for time of:
30 Jump rope "double unders"
2 pood Kettle bell swing, 15 reps
Burpee Challenge: 59 burpees today