Dirty D

Devon squatting better than ever.

Virtuosity is what we are looking for. Getting there is the fun part. We don't expect our athletes to have perfect technique on day one, but we do coach our athletes not to lift heavy weight with poor technique and/or limited range of motion. We want our athletes to perform the movements under lighter loads until the technique improves. Often big strong men like Devon are told to work at light loads in order to improve their squat. It is clear that Devon has taken the time to improve his. In the photo above his squat is not perfect, however it is LEGIT. Later in the class he goes on to get 250 x3 with very similar technique.

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes
20 Overhead squat (45 lbs)
10 Pull up
5 Handstand Push ups.
Post rounds to comments
Reminder: Tonight is Community Night. Bring your friends and family to CrossFit
No Experience required!!!
Burpee Challenge: 53 burpees today