Straighten Up

Allison holding her mid line

Maintaining a stable mid line while performing functional movements is a theme we repeat daily. The GHD sit up is a tests of our ability to prevent a perturbance of the mid line. During the GHD sit up there is absolutely no "crunching" or "sitting up" involved. The core is held in perfect, isometric contraction while the quads pull the hip, and in turn the torso, upright. When we ask our athletes to "fire the leg", we are trying to get them to activate the quads. The quads have a purchase on both the hip and leg that allow for a safe, powerful movement. In contrast when the leg does not extend, and the quads do not fire, the psoas will often grab hold of the low spine in an attempt to upright the body. This puts sheer on the low spine that is usually accompanied with a sore back and sometimes trips to the chiropractor's office. First exposures to the GHD should be taken slowly and carefully. Only then increasing the dose.



6 rounds for time of:

400 meter Run
25 Hip Extension
25 GHD Sit Ups
Burpee Challange: 32 Burpees!!!