One Among Many

Cindy among the many

Our extended family is growing. We are all very excited to welcome a new little Starrett into the world. Caroline, a.ka. "The Hammer," joined the CrossFit community on August 2nd. It seems with every additional CrossFitter out there our community becomes more united and greatly more meaningful. Here at CFSC we have adopted the SFCF rule on how to treat new athletes at our gym. The rule is this: If you walk into the gym and don't know everyone, it is your responsibility to introduce yourself and welcome them. If you happen to forget such niceties, we will remind you with 10 burpees. Congratulations to Kelly, Juliette and Georgia!

Workout: Relay

A: Box Jump
B: Jumping Pull Up
A: Kettlebell swing
B: Burpee
A: Push Up
B: Lunge

Only one athlete works at a time. Partner A does 21 Box jumps, then Partner B does 21 Jumping Pull ups, then Partner A does 21 Kettlebell swings..

When Partner B finishes the lunges, that athlete proceeds immediately to 18 Box jumps and becomes Partner A. The new Partner B then does 18 jumping pull ups...
Burpee Challange: 31 Burpees!!! That will total 496 completed burpees!!!
Post your thoughts about the challange to comments.