Stretching together

One of the often neglected aspects of our training is flexibility. Sure, working toward getting complete range of motion, over time, will lead to greater range of motion. The rate of return on that, however, is not ideal. Taking the time to stretch and working on flexibility will pay off with increased range of motion, much like learning the kip will help increase your pull ups. So the next time class ends early...stretch. The next time two glasses of wine make you want to...stretch. Or the next time you find yourself with a little extra time... do yourself a favor and STRETCH!!!

As the Human Envelope once said, "I'm bringin' flexi back."


Run 800 meters
45 plate squats, 21 reps
1 minute Handstand hold; no wall
Run 400 meters
41 Walking lunges
2 minutes Handstand hold; no wall

Burpee Challenge: 30 Burpees