Leif as Rx'd

The workouts posted on CrossFit.com are for elite athletes. Simply being able to complete these workouts as prescribed is a goal in itself. What does that mean for the athlete that, for example, can't deadlift 225 pounds? Do we say, "No Diane for you". No, we scale the load. When we modify the load/reps or assist with bodyweight we preserve the stimulus of the workout while maintaining the ability to do the WODs. By scaling the loads/reps/time, we can slowly and continuously increase our fitness until we are able to do the WOD as prescribed. Believe it or not, there was a time when Leif could not complete the WODs as prescribed. He is a testament to the efficacy of CrossFit.



Run farther than you ever have before.

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Burpee Challange: 29 Burpees!