Diana working for a great pressing position.

Variety is a fundamental aspect of what we do. As athletes we want as many functional movements in our arsenal as possible. Burpees, Muscle Ups, Handstands, Clean, Jerk, Snatch... With the variety we inevitably run into the things we love, along with the things we hate. The things that we love are usually the things that we are good at. The things that we hate are usually... well, you know... Attacking our weaknesses lends more towards improving our fitness than does going after our strengths. Let's not allow our weaknesses to limit our growth. Attack them with focus and enthusiasm.


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Tabata Squats
10 Muscle Ups
Tabata Squats

(Workout taken from CFHQ)

Burpee Challenge: 24 burpees today. 300 to buy-in. Tomorrow is the last day to buy-in.