The Jerk

Amy and her Jerk.

Why do we Jerk?

There are many reasons, but here are two:

Reason one:

The productive application of force. CrossFit gives
the athlete the ability to use their fitness. Elite Fitness
demands among other things, coordination, balance,
agility, and flexibility. The skill set required to learn
the Jerk is the reason to learn the Jerk.

Reason two:

An increase in work capacity. A well integrated
athlete will be able to Jerk 30% more than they
Push Press, and Push Press 30% more than they
strict Press. The Jerk could be considered the
weightlifting equivalent to the kipping pull-up. The
hips generate the lions share of the load and very
efficiently and elegantly pass it to the arms.


3 rounds for time of:
Run 400
15 Push Jerk, 3/4 bodyweight


Burpee Challenge: 15 burpees today! 120 burpees to buy-in.