Hands On

Duffy gets some pointers from Hollis

You have probably noticed that CrossFit is very hands on! When we want you to straighten you back, we make you think about it by touching your back exactly where it needs to be tightened. When we say "knees out," we place a hand on the outside of your knee and make you feel exactly what part of your knee needs to be pushed outward. And, at one time or another, you have probably almost landed on your butt as your Coach pulled your hips back as you squatted down and were forced to feel what it feels like to stay on your heels and push your hips back and down.

The reason we encourage the tactile approach, is that we all have to rely on what our body feels to tell us if we are moving correctly or not. When you drop something on the floor and your Coach is not there to tell you that your back is rounding as you pick it up, or you do not have a mirror in which to check your form, you need to FEEL that it is right or wrong. The more aware of your body you are, the better CrossFitter you will be!

How many rounds can you complete in 15 minutes of:

10 Power squat cleans (men use 95 pounds, women use 65 pounds)
10 Ring dips

Burpee Challenge: 11 burpees today! 66 to buy-in.