Climbing High

Lucas scales our 20 foot ropes yesterday during this workout:

800 Meter run
100 Squats
5 Rope climbs
400 Meter run
75 Squats
4 Rope climbs
200 Meter run
50 Squats
3 Rope climbs

Burpee Challenge: 7 burpees today! 28 to buy-in today.

There are now 60 Burpee Challenge Participants from all over the world who have emailed in that they want to be on our list! The list is just a way for all of us to stay accountable to each other. Knowing that you all are out there doing your burpees each day, will help us here in Santa Cruz complete ours. As the numbers increase, please feel free to post on our site and send pictures to I'll also send out emails every once in a while to check on you, but feel free to email me anytime.