Please Reconsider…

Connor of the UCSC Men's Water Polo Team and Annie of the UCSC Women's Water Polo Team training at CrossFit Santa Cruz.

The UCSC men’s and women’s water polo teams have been busy writing stories, gathering facts, and fundraising as means to get the UCSC athletic department to reverse it’s decision to cut both programs this fall.
The announcement came Friday May 30th, the week before finals and past the date when incoming freshman could change their minds about attending UCSC and current students could transfer. This decision affects more than 60 young athletes many of who train here in our gym.
You see their names on the record boards and see their faces in class. They have been a joy to coach and a great addition to our gym community.
The Kids are well on their way to raising the $40,000 that cutting the teams is worth to the university. They think maybe if they fund themselves the university will let them continue to play.
The young men and women slugs hope that through positive action, well organized data, and a financial solution they can get the administration to re-consider.
As their coaches Hollis, Mallee and I are extremely proud of all the work they have done here in our gym but even more so for the work they have done over the past four days. They have handled this situation responsibly, passionately, and reasonably.
We appreciate all of the local support we have received. If you are interested in making donation, please drop them off at the gym.