Human Squat

Hollis squats Nicole!

Complete 5 rounds of the following:

run 400 meters
10 x bodyweight bench press
2 rope climbs

NOTE: Who can run a sub 1:30 400 meters and climb the rope without legs for all 5 rounds?

Today's Zone Meal Plan:

Breakfast: 3 blocks
Scramble with 2 1/2 blocks eggs, 1/2 block of smoked salmon, 1/2 block of sautéed asparagus, 1/4 block of sautéed mushrooms, 1/4 block of fresh tomatoes (use 3 blocks of olive oil to sautee veggies before)
1 1/2 blocks of slow cooked oatmeal with 1/2 block of strawberries on top

Lunch: 3 blocks
Egg salad made of 3 blocks of chopped eggs, 1/4 block of chopped radishes, 3 blocks of mayo, spicy mustard and salt and pepper. Put the egg salad on top of 1 block of toasted bread with a small piece of lettuce
1 3/4 block of orange

Snack: 2 blocks
1/4 block of celery, 1/4 block of green peppers, 1/4 block of raw cauliflower dipped in 1 1/4 blocks of your favorite hummus dip
3 blocks of olives

Dinner: 3 blocks
3 blocks of pork chops
Sautee 1/4 block of onions, 1/2 block of spinach, 1/4 block of sliced mushrooms and garlic in 3 blocks of olive oil
1 block salad with mixed greens, cucumbers, and apple
1 block of corn

Snack: 1 block
1 block of apple with 1 block of peanut butter on it
1 block of Fage yogurt