Rest Day

Heather "resting" after a workout the other day!

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! As a reminder, we are closed today in support of The Trevor Win'E Memorial Day Challenge. If you are not doing Trevor with us today at CrossFit North Santa Cruz, you should take a rest day and chill out! If you are dying to move around or just want to do something other than think about not eating, do something fun and light like going for a swim in the ocean (if it's warm enough!), a bike ride along the cliffs or go up the UCSC and use the track. There is a pull-up bar station up there and you can do squats also between laps!

I think you all are getting the picture on how to measure blocks for the Zone diet, so this week, I'll still post my meals but just in block measurements. I will add "p" for protein, "c" for carb, and "f" for fat. Being only the start of week two, I'm still aiming to eat mostly foods on the favorable food list. I am also keeping my fats at 1 x the normal amount for now.

Today’s Meal Plan:

Breakfast: 2 blocks
2 blocks of poached eggs (p)
1 block of strawberries (c)
1 block of orange (c)
3 blocks of avocado (f)

Snack: 1 block
1 block of string cheese (p)
1 block of apple (c)
1 block of almonds (f)

Lunch: 3 blocks
Sandwich made of 2 1/2 blocks of Ezekiel bread (c), 1 block of cheese (p), 2 blocks of deli turkey, 3 blocks of avocado, 1/2 block total of cucumber and lettuce (c) and spicy mustard

Snack: 2 blocks
2 blocks of Fage 2% yogurt (p & f) with 1 block of blueberries (c), 1 block of blackberries (c), and a drop of vanilla extract and a sprinkle of cinnamon

Dinner: 3 blocks
1 block total of salad greens, tomatoes and cucumbers (c) with 1 block of hard boiled egg cut in (p), 1 block of grated cheese (p), 1 block of deli turkey (p), 1 block of chick peas (c), 1 block of grapes (c) and 3 blocks of olives (f) with balsamic vinegar on top

Snack: 1 block
1 block of grapefruit (c)
1 block of string cheese (p)
1 block of cashews (f)

Enjoy your day off and see you tomorrow!