Arm Pump

Have your arms ever been so tired that you just can't hold onto the rope anymore? This workout that we did yesterday at CrossFit Santa Cruz was about as bad as it gets! Our new ceilings allow us to have 20 foot ropes, but it feels about twice as high as the 15 foot ropes at the old gym.

Andrew and Cory pressing and push pressing

5 rounds of:

max press
max push press
max touch-and-go rope climbs
rest three minutes

Press until you fail, then go straight into push presses until you fail, then immediately do as many rope climbs as you can, only touching the ground with your toe between climbs so you can't rest. Count your press and push press reps together and try to match your reps and climbs on the next round. Time your rest to be exactly 3 minutes.

Men use 95 pounds for the press and push press, and ladies use 65 pounds.

After a few rounds, it became difficult to straighten out our arms and reach for a long pull! And, most of us agreed that coming down the rope was worse than going up it, because no one wanted to slide all the way down.

The rest. Three minutes seems like a lot of rest on the first round, but it doesn't take long to not be enough.

The real challenge was using a pen and signing into class after the workout!

Way to push hard everyone!