Use with Caution!

Hannah doing the GHD Sit-Up.

Rachael doing Back Extensions.

The Glut-Ham Developer (GHD) is one of the few exercise machines of which CrossFit is a strong proponent. The full range of motion that is used in the GHD Sit-Up is important to both strengthening the lower back and abdominals, as well as engaging the posterior chain. For more on the Glut-Ham Developer, read CrossFit Journal Issue 38. As Coach Glassman mentions in this article, it is not uncommon for "elite" athletes with what appears like strong "six-packs" to be ruined by the GHD.

How many of you have been humbled by the effectiveness of the GHD?


3 rounds for time of:
800 meter run
50 Back Extensions
50 GHD Situps

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