Practice Makes Perfect


Learning the Medicine Ball Clean and Jerk at this weekend's Level One Certification at CrossFit One World in Union City.

As CrossFit Trainers, we demand of our athletes first, good technique and second, the ability to perform that technique consistently before we increase the intensity. Complex and dynamic movements like the Clean and Jerk also require a sound grasp of the mechanics before significant amounts of weight are attempted. The best way to consistently perform a movement correctly is to practice that movement repetitively; to move past “thinking” about each segment in the teaching progression and to “feel” the correct form. After consistent technique is accomplished with a Med Ball, a wooden dowel and then finally a barbell can be used.

Workout: Skill Practice

50 Med Ball Clean and Jerks (ladies use 14 pound Med Balls, men use 20 pounds)
50 Clean and Jerks with a wooden dowel or empty barbell

DO NOT be tempted to use a mirror to check your form. You can even close your eyes to practice perfect technique, feeling every part of the movement until doing it right becomes second nature.