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Rashmi Cole setting up for a med ball clean.
Rashmi, who is 48 years old, has been Crossfitting for 7 months now. She has just recently started taking classes after training one-on-one with Jim Baker. This morning she did the following workout:
Row for calories, box jump (20 in. box), pull ups, double unders, med ball cleans (20#), and wall ball (12#). The only things she modified were box step ups instead of jumps and jumping pull ups. All else was done un-modified.
Rashmi manages Sri Ram Orphanage in India where she will return to next week.
You're a joy to have in the gym, Rashmi. Please stay in touch.

3 Rounds:
Row (15 Calories)
15 Box Jump
15 Pull Ups
15 Double Unders
15 Med Ball Cleans (men use 28#, women use 20#)
15 Wall Ball (men use 20#, women use 14#)

Rest 2 min. between each round. Post the time for all 3 rounds to comments.