CrossFit Santa Cruz is a team of dedicated coaches who strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment while providing our community with the best possible coaching. We want our athletes to be stronger, leaner, faster, and more coordinated. We believe that better movement and increased range of motion are the cornerstones of health and fitness. It is our aim to aide our of our athletes is the pursuit of elite fitness.

CrossFit Santa Cruz is a community of diverse athletes. We are engineers, teachers, college athletes, firefighters, and doctors. We are moms, dads, grandparents, toddlers and teenagers. We are athletes training for the Games, and we are athletes who are working out for the first time. What we share are motivation, hard work, and honesty. Those are the characteristics we have built our business and our community upon.

The workouts are always challenging and never boring. All training sessions are coached. Each workout is scaled by load and intensity to meet each athletes individual needs so that all fitness levels from professional athletes to grandmothers can participate together. The coaching is supportive, enthusiastic and welcoming to everyone who is willing to focus and put in the work.

CrossFit is not your ordinary workout. But it is for ordinary people looking for results.


  • Group Training - At CrossFit Santa Cruz you get individual coaching in a group setting. Every group session includes a warm up, movement instruction, and a workout. There is a ton of variety and positive energy and each group session is different from the one before and every group session is structured so that no matter your fitness level you can participate. Under the coaches guidance, you will scale weights and repetitions to maintain intensity. Our Group training schedule can be found here.
    • $25 Drop-in to any group training class. (Intro classes required)
    • $200 Unlimited monthly group class membership. No contracts, no hidden fees.  

  • Basic Training - Starting with a group session can be intimidating, and difficult if you have no background in our type of functional fitness.  For true beginners, we recommend you set up three initial one-hour private sessions at a discounted rate. These sessions are used to familiarize you with the equipment, movements, and stimulus we use at CrossFit. Scheduling availability will depend on each coaches schedule.

    • Basic training costs $200 (for three sessions)

  • Private Training - There is no substitute for personal attention.  A private session is you and a coach developing your athletic ability. Special attention is paid to your individual goals and programming needs. Private sessions are a great way to practice a specific skill or hone in on some technique periodically in addition to group training. 

    • Private Training:  Contact your trainer for pricing

 Dave Leys

Dave Leys

Contact us if you have any questions about any of our above mentioned programs.