Use It

CFSC_Peter_Grace Peter prepping for a clean

Coaching something like CrossFit is a lot about cueing. Using different words, descriptions, and demonstrations to get you into the best fit and most efficient positions. Ideally, in this photo peter is taking a breath and then he will use the bar to pull his butt down a little and his shoulders tight before lifting. I could also say he is about to sit  or rock back a bit more or pick your chest up a bit, all going after the same thing, a better line of action.



Five rounds of
6 Hand stand push ups
12 Chest to bar pull ups
35 Pound dumbbell walking lunge, 24 steps


The CrossFit Games will be on ESPN 2 tonight from 5pm to 7pm.  If you are looking for a spot to watch, the Perish Pub in the Almar Shopping Center will be showing it on one of there screens.  99 Bottles downtown will alos be showing the Games. CrossFit history in the making!