Week Three

CFSC_HannaSumoBand Hannah Brandt

Welcome to week three of the Do It Yourself Adventure. So far we have fifty five members on facebook and about seventy percent of them have posted or post often. We have had fun getting to know what one another are eating, getting ideas and becoming closer friends.

This week I want to up that ante a little bit. Thus far Tom has lost 18 pounds by eating zone proportions of the CrossFit prescription of; meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. This week I would like to see at least one photo of a meal that fits the prescription Tom is using. With that post please include a precise shopping list and recipe to follow. We have learned that planning ahead can be very helpful. Real Simple magazine has a four week dinner plan including grocery lists to follow that gave me the idea the we should make our own. Imagine going to the store with a shopping list and then going home with a recipe, no thinking necessary just follow the list.



Rest Day


Wednesday night at 5:00 The CrossFit Games will be on ESPN2 for the second week in a row.