Blauer is Coming Back

Leif focused on the task at hand.

On October 5th, starting at 5:30 PM, Tony Blauer, founder of Blauer Tactical Systems and the SPEAR system, will be holding a special FREE workshop at our box. All attending will be given the unique opportunity to learn about something many of us are sadly deficientin: combatives. Mr. Blauer will be offering up his incisive input when it comes to your personal safety. The class will include SPEAR drills, awareness of yourselfand your surroundings, as well as a combatives workout.
    All of you train with the utmost intensity. You train for personal well-being. You train because you want to function in life with more power, speed, mobility and strength. You train for the "unknown" and "unknowable". But what if you find that well-being suddenly compromised by someone who intends to physically harm you? Are you prepared for that "unknown"? 
For more information check Tony Blauer California Road Trip

Wondering if this clinic is for you?  Watch this "Why Combatives"



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