Back By Popular Demand


This Saturday we have two teams competing in the Moxie Madness Throwdown in San Jose. We are very excited to have such great teams represent CrossFit Santa Cruz.  Jesse, Cary, Coach D, and Karla are one of our teams, Lucas, Tyler, Laurie and Cara will be our other team.  Anyone interested and going over to spectate post to comments and use the whiteboard at the gym to organize rides.




Deadlift with band 
Bench Press with Chains


ANNOUNCEMENT: No CrossFit Kids class this Saturday.


Virtuosity Clinic Next Saturday, September the 17th

Laurie Galassi will be back in the gym coaching two new pulling clinics and re-teaching the Handstand for those who missed it the first time.  

11:30-12:45 The Kipping Pull-up: Get a pull-up, or make the one you have more efficient.

This clinic will cover the technique, mechanics and shaping of the kipping pull-up.  There will be an emphasis on how to use the “kip” effectively to do a pull-up. 

There is no prerequisite for this clinic.

1:00-2:15 Handstands:  How to get upside down in your best possible body position, and what to do once you get there.

This clinic will be a second offering of the handstand clinics offered a few weeks ago.  No experience with handstands is necessary.  Topics covered will include: body alignment in the handstand, handstands against a wall, in free space and handstand walking. 

2:30-3:45 Advanced Bodyweight Pulling:  You say you want a muscle up?  What's that?  You have a muscle up, and now you want to do it more efficiently and get fancy with it?

This clinic will cover establishing the false grip, understanding the transition, the strict muscle-up, and progressions to get one, kipping muscle-ups, cycling and without the false grip and bar muscle-ups

The cost for each clinic will be $20 and will be limited to 10 participants.